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In the 1800’s when Cowboys and Indians still roamed the vast Western United States, jerky was essential to survival. These cowboys would harvest a large animal and need to preserve the meat to avoid spoilage in the warm temperatures. The meat was rubbed with salt and fat, and smoked over an open fire. Not only did making jerky help avoid the spoilage of good meat, but the lightweight, protein dense jerky traveled well in a Cowboy’s saddle bag.

We have come a long way in the production of jerky, but it remains a staple for the modern cowboy. The emergence of western films in the mid 1900’s lead to a resurgence of interest in the American West, and a desire to experience the western cowboy lifestyle. Dude ranches started opening in the West to provide a glimpse of the Cowboy lifestyle to the city slickers of the East.

The allure of roaming the open West remains strong, as does the presence of Jerky. 16 ranches across Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, and California regularly stock Sweetwood Beef Jerky and Meat Snacks for their guests. The necessity for food out on the trail has not changed, so it only makes sense to provide jerky as a part of the intrinsic Western experience. With Sweetwood’s roots in ranching and passion for the great American West, there’s no better fit than our slow smoked meat snacks! Here’s a full list of ranches where you can find Sweetwood Meat Snacks and an experience as authentic as they come!

• Three Forks Ranch
• The Home Ranch
• Vista Verde Ranch
• Devil’s Thumb Ranch
• Brush Creek Ranch
• A Bar A Ranch
• Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch
• Triple Creek Ranch
• Tumbling River Ranch
• Vee Bar Guest Ranch
• Elk Mountain Ranch
• Drowsy Water Ranch
• Marble Mountain Ranch
• Paradise Guest Ranch
• White Stallion Ranch
• Colorado High Lonesome Outfitters


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