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Sweetwood August Blog Post

7 Reasons Why BIG Brains Require BIG Meat Snacks

The modern world is a pretty demanding place. Endless streaming content, blurred lines between work and home, increased expectations for high-level performance—maintaining a sharp, healthy mind is essential to keeping up. Luckily, a delicious, premium all-natural FATTY can help.  Much of our mental readiness boils down to what we put in our body—plain and simple. You can...

Sweetwood Smokehouse Spring Break Belly Flops FATTY

How to ace spring break belly flops with FATTY smoked meat sticks

It’s springtime! Warm weather. Cool breezes. Flowers blooming. That neighbor who mows his lawn just as you sit down for dinner. You know, all the stuff we look forward to when winter packs its stuff up and decides to GTFO of here for the foreseeable future. But what we’re really looking forward to this season...

beef sticks

What Are Beef Sticks Made Of?

There are some questions that mankind is destined to wrestle with. What’s the meaning of life? Why am I here? What’s my purpose? What the heck do I make for dinner when everyone in my household wants I don’t care or Whatever? But what are Beef sticks made of should not be among these weight...

weight loss

Is Beef Jerky Good for Weight Loss

There is no question that obesity is rampant in society. Data from the Communicable Disease Center reveal that among adults between ages 20-39, there is a 40% prevalence of obesity. And the condition has not spared younger individuals. Among children and teenagers aged 2-19, the precedent of obesity is about 19% or about 14 million...


Can You Eat Pepperoni Sticks on Keto?

If you do keto, you know it’s not a “diet.” It’s a way of life. This style of eating involves consuming very few carbs and a lot of healthy fats. You’re essentially swapping breads and pastas for olive oil, avocado, and gorgeous oily fish. Of course, the menu is much more extensive than that! But...

Meat Snacks in Bulk

5 Tips for Buying Meat Snacks In Bulk

When you find a product that makes your life easier, more convenient, and more flavorful, what do you do? Buy that stuff in bulk! Especially when it happens to be high quality meat snacks. This’ll save you from running to the store every day, succumbing to the lure of junk food because you don’t have...

Healthy Non Perishable Food | Healthiest Non Perishable Foods | Sweetwood Smokehouse

Top 7 Individually Wrapped Snacks for School

For parents, making a snack for their child every day can be time consuming and monotonous. Besides, most children are very fussy eaters and the parents will have to think of something new every day. Thankfully, today there are a variety of individually wrapped snacks for school, many of which are nutritious, healthy, and contain...


10 Kid-Friendly Snacks for Outdoor Activities

When kids pursue outdoor activities like skiing, skating, snow tubing, or sledding, they always feel hungry.  Always. Hungry. While there are plenty of fast food options, they are usually unhealthy. Ok…pretty much… Always. Unhealthy. For parents who encourage their children to seek outdoor activities during winter time – and want to fuel the fun with...


5 Best Trail Snacks for Snowmobiling

Some people dream of escaping to a warm, sandy beach… Others can’t wait for the temperatures to drop, the snow to fly, and the trails to open. Snowmobiling is a fast-paced winter sport that requires skill… and plenty of fuel. So what are the best trail snacks for snowmobiling? Let’s dig in. Power Your Passion...

Ice Fishing

10 Best Ice Fishing Snacks

The tough among us don’t let a little old thing like winter get in the way of our fishing fun. Nope. We just wait for a few inches of ice so we can get back to our favorite pastime. Ok, so we need a few more layers, but other than that, it’s everything we love…...

7 Healthy Snacks at 7-Eleven

7 Healthy Snacks at 7-Eleven

Is finding healthy snacks at 7-Eleven a lost cause? NO! Imagine this scenario: you’re running late to work (again). You peel into 7-Eleven and grab a coffee and a croissant breakfast sandwich. Not exactly the breakfast of champions, but you’re doing ok, right? Hmmm… did you load that coffee with cream and sugar or sugar...

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