Healthy Snacks for Athletes | Pre Game Snacks | Sweetwood Smokehouse

What Are the Best Pre Game Snacks for Athletes?

Food is fuel. In our fast-paced, pre-packaged world, it is too easy to fill our tanks with junk – but we know how that goes. We get tired, we slump, we don’t think or move at our peak. It’s important for athletes – and anyone, for that matter – to put high quality fuel...

Best Wood for Smoking Meat | Jerky and Meat Sticks | Sweetwood Smokehouse

What’s the Best Wood for Smoking Meat?

Forget milkshakes… nothing brings all the boys and girls to the yard more effectively than the aroma of ribs, steak, burgers, and other delicious treats being cooked to perfection over the flames. Sure, grilling is great (really, really great, actually), but smoking is where it’s at when it comes to locking in unbelievable flavor....

Game Day Meat Appetizers | Game Day Finger Foods | Sweetwood Smokehouse

Game Day Meat Appetizers: 7 Easy Recipes

It’s the big game, people. No more messing around. It’s time to put on our warrior faces and go to battle… with the stove, the oven, and the crockpot. Game day finger foods are not a game. They’re serious business, and we’re going to help you win big with easy-to-make game day meat appetizers....

Natural Beef Jerky | Healthy Beef Jerky Brands | Sweetwood Smokehouse

Is Natural Beef Jerky Good for You?

Are you confused about what is “healthy” and what is not? Sure, we all know taking a walk and eating fresh broccoli is healthy, while eating a greasy pile of fries covered in sodium and sugary ketchup is not… but there is a whole world of grey in between. A recent study revealed that...

Healthy Meat Sticks | Best Meat Sticks | Sweetwood Smokehouse

9 Ways to Be Healthier and Happier This Year

Let’s forget resolutions. Let’s just be healthier and happy this year! Take the pressure off yourself, remove barriers to success, and focus on taking a few simple steps along your journey to enhanced wellness. It’s possible! Here are nine ways to do it. See what works for you, integrate a habit or two, like...

Healthy Non Perishable Food | Healthiest Non Perishable Foods | Sweetwood Smokehouse

What Are the Healthiest Non Perishable Foods?

Non perishable food is often thought of as strictly a convenience item. And it certainly is! If there is a severe storm and you cannot get to a store, for example, having non perishable food on hand can get you through. However, we often connect “fresh” with “healthy.” Something that doesn’t go bad (or...

Health Tips for Construction Workers | Benefits of Protein | Sweetwood Smokehouse

How Do Construction Workers Stay Healthy?

Forget Cross Fit. The average construction worker burns about 340 calories an hour. In an 8-hour day, that’s at least a whopping 2720 calories burned – and that is in addition to the 1600- 2000 the average person needs to function. That’s a whole lot of energy expenditure. Working on a job site requires...

Eating Beef Jerky After a Workout | Protein in Beef Jerky | Sweetwood Smokehouse

Why Eat Beef Jerky After a Workout?

Even if you don’t feel like working out, when you overcome all your excuses and hit the trails, bike, free weights, court, pool, or field, there’s nothing that feels better than a good sweat. Your breathing is fast and hard, your heart is pumping, and your endorphins are flowing. As you recover, a sense...

Keto Friendly Snacks to Buy | Keto Snacks | Sweetwood Smokehouse

Can You Eat Meat Sticks on Keto?

If you have embraced the keto lifestyle, you know that the hardest part isn’t battling cravings for processed, high-carb foods. Once you start finding the right balance, you feel better – and the thought of going back gets further and further from your mind. No, what’s hard is finding keto friendly snacks to buy! ...

Energy Snacks for Skiing | Ski Food Ideas | Sweetwood Smokehouse

7 Energy Snacks for Skiing

Hitting the slopes? Trekking through the back country? Gliding through fresh trails? Sounds good to us. Not only is this a great way to enjoy nature at its most refreshing (provided you’re properly dressed!), you can’t beat it as a workout. A 155-pound person will burn about 446 calories per hour downhill skiing and...

Food to Take Hunting | Hunting Pack Food Ideas | Sweetwood Smokehouse

What Food Should I Bring on a Hunting Trip?

There’s sitting-in-a-blind-all-day hunting and then there’s trekking-your-way-through-fields-forests-and mountains-in-pursuit-of-game hunting. If you’re a get-off-your-butt type of hunter, we salute you. And we also know that you work up a powerful hunger out there. Why is refueling so important – and what is the best food to take hunting?  Be Choosy Forget CrossFit, spinning, or HIIT....

Keto Diet Snacks | Beef Jerky on Keto | Sweetwood Smokehouse

Is Beef Jerky Keto?

If you’ve done your research and talked with your doctor, keto may be the right fit for you. The diet – or, rather, the lifestyle and eating habits – is extremely popular, and as always, the key to success is consistency and learning which foods to incorporate into your daily routine. But if you’re...


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