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7 Reasons Sweetwood Smokehouse Loves Colorado

Colorado has been the home of Sweetwood Smokehouse for 10 years and everyday we are grateful to be headquartered in this beautiful state. Throughout the years one thing has stayed constant – the amazing support we’ve had from the Colorado community. As a thank you to all of our friends and supporters in The Centennial State, we would like to announce Free Ground Shipping on all website orders shipped to a Colorado address.

Thank you for your continued support, without it we wouldn’t be able to work and live in such a beautiful place. Our Sweetwood team wanted to share 7 reasons why we love Colorado.

1. Work Hard. Play Hard.

“I love Colorado because we work hard for all the right reasons. A long day in the office is always capped off with a seasonal activity.” Cody Miles


2. Clean Air

“As a ColoRADo native born and raised breathing clean and crisp Rocky mountain air, my first memories are carved around life in the mountains. Growing up skiing the fresh powder in the Winter, Fly-Fishing the waters from the Spring thaw in our secret spots, sleeping under a zillion stars during the warm Summer nights, and watching the beautiful groves of Aspen leaves change in the fall are just a few reasons to simply adore ColoRADo” Rebecca Fix

man enjoying amazing view in hammock

3. Best Time Zone

“The best thing about living in Colorado is mountain biking in the autumn months. It’s also an amazing place to live because it gets tons of sunshine, has really friendly people and is most definitely the best time zone for watching sports.” Kellen Baker


4. Endless Adventure

“I love everythign about Colorado- the calm power of teh Rockies, the endless adventure, and immense beauty right outside my door!” Kathleen Dunnigan

5. Also, for the Beer

“I love Colorado because of the mountains, ridiculous amounts of sunshine, and abundant opportunities for outdoor adventures. The mountains lift me up in more ways than one and as soon as I’m outside, I am filled with life, air, positivity and happiness. Also, for the beer.” Tayler Cabalka

6. Great Climate

“Colorado has a great climate and is a great place of multi-sport days.” Nolan Faldet

7. Friendly People

“I love Colorado because it’s always had the feeling of home. As a kid we visited every spring for skiing and every summer for family camping trips. When I decided to move here in my 20s, it immediately gave me the sense of home. Each of the 3 cities/towns I have lived in CO have been abundant of friendly people, beautiful scenery, fulfilling lifestyles and amazing food and beer. It’s just the best!!”


There are million reasons to love Colorado.  If we missed one let us know! Tag us on Instagram with @sweetwoodsmokehouse or use #sweetwoodsmokehouse to tell us why you love Colorado. Thanks again and enjoy the Free Shipping Colorado.



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