GO BIG with the FATTY from Sweetwood Smokehouse
GO BIG with the FATTY from Sweetwood Smokehouse
Our FATTY vs the other guy
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Hungry? Bring in the Big Guns.

The biggest and best meat snacks to satisfy even the biggest appetites

FATTY Smoked Meat Sticks

Low Sugar
Grass Fed
Gluten Free
All Natural
20 Grams
Made In America

Protein-Packed Snacks to Keep You Going

We make every FATTY with five things in mind: Grass-fed beef and antibiotic-free pork, gluten-free, MSG-free, no nitrates and lower sugar. That’s how we’re able to pack so much clean energy into each hickory-smoked bite.

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FATTY Original
Good Quality Ingredients

I can't remember where I found out about the Original Sweetwood FATTY Smoked Meat Stick, but I'm glad I did. These sticks are made with good stuff and nothing I can't pronounce. Perfect snack for on the go or late afternoon. Great product for a good price.

-Dale V.

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2oz FATTYs - 6 Pack Sampler
Tasty, Natural Snack

My husband and I tried one of the Fatty Sticks one day when we were shopping at Sportsman's Warehouse and thought they were so tasty. I ordered some of the 2 oz sticks for him to take on a fishing trip with his brothers, and then some 1 oz sticks to have around the house when I want one of those, a piece of cheese, and an apple for lunch. They have a great flavor and it's good to see they don't have any nitrates.

- Kate M.

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Where to Find Us

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Made in America

Our Slow Smoked jerky and meat snacks are made with USA Grass-Fed Beef. All of our products come from pasture raised animals and are free of Nitrates, Gluten and Added MSG.

All-Natural Ingredients
From the start, Sweetwood has always believed in using only the freshest All-Natural ingredients. There aren’t any artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or junk sweeteners to dilute the vibrant flavor of our products.
Lean Mean Protein
We strive to make the best tasting protein packed snacks we can to power you on any occasion, whether you’re hitting the slopes, summiting a mountain, casting a line or anything in between.

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