American Made, All Natural, Jerky & Smoked Meat Snacks

Made in America

Our Slow Smoked jerky and meat snacks are made with USA Grass-Fed Beef. All of our products come from pasture raised animals and are free of Nitrates, Gluten and Added MSG.

All-Natural Ingredients
From the start, Sweetwood has always believed in using only the freshest All-Natural ingredients. There aren’t any artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or junk sweeteners to dilute the vibrant flavor of our products.
Lean Mean Protein
We strive to make the best tasting protein packed snacks we can to power you on any occasion, whether you’re hitting the slopes, summiting a mountain, casting a line or anything in between.

Smokehouse Stories

Host A Labor Day BBQ

The ever elusive 3-day weekend is approaching… What to do with your extra time? Yes, you could binge-watch an entire TV show on Netflix, but you could also enjoy that last weekend of summer in the sunshine and heat. It’s supposed to be in the 70s here in the Colorado Rockies, so we bet...

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