Sweetwood Smokehouse

At Sweetwood Smokehouse, we live big. That’s why we crafted the ORIGINAL big meat stick: The FATTY. Because you can’t live big on an empty stomach.

Based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, we balance work shifts with weekend wanderlust, so we know the importance of a healthy, convenient protein-packed snack.

Sweetwood Smokehouse products—including the FATTY 2.0 and the next-level FATTY 3.0—can be purchased across the country in grocery, convenience and specialty retail stores, as well as our online shop.

Sweetwood Beginnings

After co-founding the performance apparel giant Under Armour, Ryan Wood—born and raised in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains—returned to his roots in Steamboat Springs and acquired a small family cattle ranch on the banks of the Elk River, where he developed the idea for high-quality meat snacks that matched his outsized surroundings.

Today, Sweetwood Smokehouse crafts big meat snacks for big appetites as we continue to draw inspiration from our high-altitude headquarters.

Sweetwood Quality

From the start, Sweetwood Smokehouse has believed in using premium meats. Much like the steaks we sold to local restaurants in the early years, our meat snacks are known for their great flavor and texture.

Born from a ranch on Colorado’s Elk River, we know quality meat. Our flagship FATTYs are made with premium grass-fed beef and antibiotic-free pork, and steer clear of unnecessary sugars, carbs, nitrates and MSG so you don’t have to worry about the fine print. We complement our quality meat with slow-smoked American hickory wood for unmatched flavor.

Our Product Pillars