6 (8 Oz.) Freedom Filet Steaks

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Only the best. Celebrate Valentine’s Day and buy 6 8oz filets for the price of 4!!!

  • No Antibiotics
  • No Hormones
  • Naturally Raised American Beef
  • Prime Cuts

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These are practices we use in our Sweetwood Kitchen Enjoy!

Sweetwood Cooking Directions: Relax you have done the most important job, choosing your beef. The meat is absolutely the most important part of the process. We bring a fresh, minimally processed, hand trimmed, and hand wrapped butchers shop quality beef, right to your door.

Here are some temperatures to help you cook/grill your steak just how you like it:

Rare » 145 degree

Medium » 160 degrees

Medium Well » 165 degrees

Well » 170 degrees

Resting lets the juices in the steak even out, and allows the steak to relax (its hard work being this good). This extra effort will result in a perfect Sweetwood Steak! After you are done properly defrosting and grilling your Sweetwood Steak, let your steak rest for 5 minutes on a separate plate covered to keep warm. Enjoy!

  • Height:2”
  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Dry Aged
  • Hand Trimmed
  • USDA Inspected
  • Origin: Tenderloin
  • Flavor Profile: Elegant, Tender, Delicate