american flag

Independence Day is meant to celebrate our nation’s history and our glorious, yet difficult path to freedom.  So, let’s remember that when we are watching our town’s display of fireworks and our wonderful hometown parades. Here are a few facts to help:

Do you know what the red, white and blue stand for in the American flag?

The red stands for valor and hardiness, while white symbolizes purity and innocence and the blue is for vigilance, perseverance and justice.

The first major celebration of the 4th of July was in Philadelphia in 1777 and the party included a parade, a thirteen-shot cannon salute and fireworks.  However, it was not made an official federal holiday until 1870.

Did you know that both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on the 4th of July in 1826?

Did you know that the Liberty Bell, in Philadelphia, rings 13 times on the 4th of July as an indication for the bells across the nation to start ringing?


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