Are you ready for Summer?!?!

Summer is just around the corner with Memorial Day on May 27th starting the season. Memorial Day is a now federal holiday spent remembering the men and women that have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Did you know it was originally titled, Decoration Day? Aptly named from the flowers and flags that adorned the graves of soldiers from the American Civil War, but it was officially changed when the holiday was extended to honor soldiers from every war.

American summers are marked by time spent at the grill, and while other people dwell on the fancy drinks or the decorations, you can be worry-free about the meat. Sweetwood offers the full array of cuts, and we have fantastic seasonings and even gourmet butters that will make any neighbor jealous. With Memorial Day fast approaching, try our tenderloin tips ( that are even on special for $9.99 and you will be the toast of the town with your amazing kebabs.

Here’s a couple great recipe for those kebabs:

Lime and Basil Kebabs

Kebabs with Scallions, Cilantro and Mint

And check out our Pinterest board “Summertime Style” for plenty of summer adventure ideas


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