But who will win?

Sweetwood’s Annual March Madness bracket competition is underway! We have a new competitor in the ring, the boss-man himself Ryan Wood and we have our 2nd straight champion, Tayler making sure everyone knows she’s going for win #3. One employee, Jenny, missed last year by a couple of months, but she’s ready:

“I have a special place in my heart for the underdog – always hoping for the Cinderella story – and unfortunately this trait leads me to make bad picks for March Madness.  If only Creighton had been fueled by some Sweetwood protein!”

Tayler, always making sure she gets the last word…

“Duh.  Easy choice.  Other than choosing my beloved Wildcats to take it all, I based my picks strictly on which teams use Sweetwood Jerky to fuel their athletes.  Wisconsin, Baylor, Purdue and West Virginia.  Need I say more?”

Caitlin, who last year got the greatest call at midnight from her grandfather to tell her how crazy his neighborhood was with Villanova’s big win, has placed the same trust in Villanova again. Looks like her trust in her hometown team won’t pan out for her this year…

Stay tuned to see how the competition shapes up!


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