Sweetwood BBQ 2015

Father’s Day Done Right

In a study done by the University of Pennsylvania, medium-rare steak, hamburger and well-done steak ranked in the top three “manliest” food from a list of 23 foods. But did you really need to have a study done by an Ivy League school to tell you that men like steak? No, we didn’t think so either.

Make sure you get your Dad was he wants most, an amazing steak. Get the full Sweetwood product line for him when you buy the Dad’s Favorite! It has 2 8oz Filets, 2 12oz NY Strips, and 2 12oz Ribeyes. Trust what we’re saying, this is the perfect Father’s Day gift. We are offering this perfect gift for $100 with shipping included – so don’t miss out!

Here at Sweetwood, we dry age our steaks for a minimum 21 days which makes a world of difference in taste. Trust us, most people don’t take the time to dry age so long…

We know how to make a steak and we’d like to share that knowledge.

Here are some temperatures to help you cook/grill your steaks just how you like it:

Rare – 145°

Medium – 160°

Medium Well – 165°

Well – 170°

After you are done properly defrosting and grilling your Sweetwood Steak, let your steak rest for 5 minutes on a separate plate covered to keep warm. Resting the steak, after grilling, lets the juices in the steak even out and allows the steak to relax. This extra effort will result in a perfect Sweetwood Steak! Enjoy!!




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