How to Become a Kebab Grilling Master

There will be 2 types of people at your summer BBQs: the people who think they are grill masters and the ones who wish they were. So, why not take yourself out of both categories and actually become a grill master? Too difficult you say? It’s easy.

Here’s a chart of where food items should go on the grill:

grill infographics

For your first grilling session, let’s try something simple – like kebabs! Kebabs are great for a starter because if you mess up one skewer, you still have more. Unlike one massive cut of steak… So, make sure you go on our website and grab some $9.99 Tenderloin Tips ( and then pat yourself on the back for having one step down – cutting the meat. Here’s a great place that has plenty of helpful tips on the do’s and don’ts of kebab grilling:

Here are some recipe ideas to help hone your skills:

Steak and Tater Kebabs  (25 min)

Steak, Tomato and Okra Kebabs (45 min)

And don’t forget you can also do dessert on the grill!

Griller Fruit Skewers (30 min)

Check out our Pinterest page for even more ideas!


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