I love you this much…

Valentine’s Day comes around every year, but unlike most holidays, something new and different is expected every time. So, instead of just going to a different restaurant or participating in a different activity, why not try something that everyone loves? Jerky!!!!

A friend of Sweetwood Smokehouse decided to make a wine pairing list that goes through our 4 flavors of jerky. So pick out your favorite flavor of jerky and a bottle of wine that goes with it and have a splendid evening!!



Hot/ Riesling: In some instances it’s great to pair like with like, but in some cases, pairing opposites is the way to go. An off-dry Riesling would balance and temper the heat from the jerky.

Teriyaki/ Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon: The savory qualities of the teriyaki and the full flavored and medium bodied characteristics of those wines will balance and complement each other.

Peppered/ Syrah (Shiraz): Syrah has a full bodied fruit forward and peppered flavor that will pair well with the peppered pop in this jerky.

Original/ Pinot Noir: The mild and balanced qualities of the original will pair well with a Pinot Noir’s nuance, elegance and light to medium body.

-JP Caldcleugh

Winemaker, Big Basin Vineyards


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