Stock This.

Every year its a struggle to find the cool little pieces to put in your families stockings. Do you go funny or crafty or savory or sweet? The possibilities are endless…

So we have gathered a few of our favorite little stuffers to help you out!

Made in Detroit – this Beardbalm is the best present for the current or aspiring #lumbersexuals. Trust us, its good. Find it here:

Or how about the ethically conscious gift? Grab some Soapbox Soaps and know that you are helping people get fresh water. Get them here: #boom #qualitylifechoice


Then you have that just needs more protein by the second, for that we would obviously recommend the Sweetwood Sampler! It features our lovely jerky and FATTYs so that protein lover in your family can find their favorite flavor! Get them here: Beef Jerky

And that ladies and gentlemen is how you stuff a stocking like a winner.


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