Sweetwood BBQ 2015

The Greatest Steaks

You hear us say often how great our steaks really are, so just in case you haven’t had any yet – here are some fool-proof reasons why our steaks are the best.

Sweetwood prides itself on using Colorado cattle for our steak program. These cattle are grass-fed with no antibiotics and no hormones added. We do finish the cattle with a non-GMO grain finish that gives our steaks a superb marbling, trust us, its amazing. Our all natural steaks are aged a minimum of 21 days. These amazing steaks are cut by hand for a specialty thick cut. If you’re looking for a real specialty cut, check out our 24oz Ribeye, aptly named the Widowmaker.

Don’t believe us? Just buy a pack of steaks that are currently shipping for free and see what we’re talking about…


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