Turkey Day Decorations

How were you planning on decorating for Thanksgiving? There’s always something fun about changing up or decoration game. When I was a kid, my brother and I were always in charge of setting the table. We liked to play with starch and see what kind of napkin designs we could invent. Some years they worked out better than others. So, here are some ideas for that table setting design, void of any starch. Just for you.

Are you a more traditional decorator?

     How about homemade rosemary wreaths for place-card holders?

How about something that smells amazing?

    A cinnamon stick, a piece of pine and some twine had a party…

Or are you maybe a lover of pine cones? This might be the easiest ever…

Who knew there were so many ideas for arranging your Thanksgiving day table? For even more ideas – head on over to our Pinterest Board “You’re a Turkey” – http://www.pinterest.com/sweetwoodcattle/youre-a-turkey/

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