Red, White and Black

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An American western way of life is at Sweetwood’s core, it’s where all of our meat snack ideas germinate. Let’s start with our first meat snack product, Sweetwood’s classic beef jerky. Creating a tender and moist beef jerky that used USA beef and had no MSGs or added nitrates was our goal. Simple flavor profiles, like Original, Peppered, Sweet and Hot and Teriyaki, speak to how Sweetwood wants simplicity and ease in America’s meat snacks. Our pouch was unlike any other pouch design on the market. A throwback to tobacco pouches, it offered no window to view the products and we proved, ultimately compromise the product. Have you ripped open a pouch of Sweetwood’s Beef Jerky?

Next up, Turkey Jerky. We’ve been developing Sweetwood’s Turkey Jerky for over a year and half, trying to find that perfect recipe. In a white pouch, it matches the simple clean lines of our beef jerky but pops! We wanted our classic flavors and a similar jerky texture, but in a new protein it was hard to get there. With three flavors, Original, Peppered, and Sweet and Hot, we’re ready for you to be just as obsessed with this All Bird product.

And finally, the product Ryan Wood wanted from the beginning: Steak Bites. These tender thick-cut larger pieces of beef are drool worthy. Our signature moist beef jerky, but with a totally new approach. You have got to try “Steak on the Go”. With Sweetwood’s classic pouch design, we upgraded to a bright red – making sure you don’t miss it on the shelves or in your backpack for adventures.

Sweetwood wants you to love all three. Enter here to win over $200 in pouches here and don’t forget to share with your friends and family – everyone needs protein!

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