Forget Cross Fit. The average construction worker burns about 340 calories an hour. In an 8-hour day, that’s at least a whopping 2720 calories burned – and that is in addition to the 1600- 2000 the average person needs to function. That’s a whole lot of energy expenditure. Working on a job site requires incredible strength, stamina, focus, and concentration. And to do it well – and safely – you need to take care of #1.

5 Health Tips for Construction Workers 

As a construction worker, you don’t have the luxury of working in air conditioning during the dog days of summer or in a heated office when the weather outside is frightful. Your job is tough – and you’re tougher. Start with the right gear: gloves, boots, hard hat, eye and ear protection, etc. Reducing the risk of injury is the first step in staying safe and healthy on the job. 

Other helpful health tips for construction workers:

  1. Start the Day Right. Eat breakfast. It’s debatable whether or not it is really the most important meal of the day. What is not in question is the amount of calories you burn and the amount of fuel you need to get through the day. Power up with something like eggs, wheat toast, and a banana. Skip the donuts, and go with high-quality nutrition. 
  2. Don’t Forget Snacks. Again, because you are burning so much energy and engaging in physically demanding tasks, your breakfast may be nothing but a memory by 10:00 am. When you don’t have sufficient fuel, energy levels drop, judgment can become impaired, and you may become “hangry”! Bring apples and peanut butter, nuts, and/or cheese and all-natural meat snacks like Sweetwood Smokehouse Steak Bites to tide you over until lunch.
  3. Bring Your Lunch. It’s easy to stop at the food truck or convenience store when you’re on the job. Try to bring your own lunch from home: you’ll save money – and you’ll have a much more nutritious meal. Some options: turkey and/or chicken on whole wheat with lettuce (and avocado for good fat), a tuna wrap, meat snacks, hard boiled eggs, fruit, rice and beans… basically anything with protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats.Subscribe to Emails from Sweetwood Smokehouse and Save
  4. Pack the Protein. Your snacks and meals should include a healthy dose of protein. Unlike fat and carbs, our bodies don’t store this macronutrient, so we need to replenish our supplies regularly. The benefits of protein are that it keeps you full longer and boosts your metabolism – important during your workday. Long-term, protein can help you recover from injuries faster, maintain a healthy weight, lower blood pressure, increase muscle mass and strength, and build strong bones. The good news is that it’s easy to get the protein you need. Sweetwood’s Beef Jerky, for instance, has a whopping 18 grams of protein – and no added nitrites, nitrates, or MSG. All the grass-fed flavor, none of the junk.
  5. Drink Plenty of Water. Stay hydrated! You likely sweat a lot, and you need to replace that fluid in order to maintain energy and concentration. Regular H2O is always the best option, but you can try waters infused with electrolytes or Gatorade if you’re really burning those calories. 

You’re about to go to work. Did you eat a good breakfast? Check. Pack a lunch? Check. Make sure you capitalize on the benefits of protein by stashing a healthy meat snack like a satisfying FATTY Smoked Meat Stick in your pocket? Check. Fill up your water bottle? Check. Now you’re ready to tackle the day!

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