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Bo Nickal

Bo Nickal is a Professional MMA fighter, Freestyle/Folkstyle wrestler, and currently a UFC fighter. Fighting in the middle weight division. Bo recently earned his way into the UFC and after two years, holds a record of 4-0.

Nickal has wrestled his whole life. In high school he had three state titles and a record of 183-7, 131 of those being pins. Putting him at ninth-ranked wrestler in the nation, pound for pound. After high school he continued his wrestling career in college with a record of 120-3. After college he signed a MMA Deal where he fought at the Dana Whites Contender Series. Winning on that series which caught the eyes of the UFC, and the rest is history!

Keenan Hayes

Keenan is a 20-year-old cowboy from Hayden, Colorado. Hayes is currently ranked the #1 Bareback rider in the world.

When he is not in the arena riding you can find him putting on clinics or going to clinics to help the future rodeo bareback riders.

Keenan is the living definition of GO BIG or go home. follow Hayes to see how big he goes!


With a professional skier for a father, Amie has spent most of her early years on the mountain. If you fast forward to now, not much has changed, other than number of candles on her birthday cake.​

Amie is part of team FATTY because she has been exemplifying a GO BIG lifestyle since she was born! Looking for inspiration? 

Dan Staton

Dan eats, breaths, and sleeps elk hunting. He trains for elk hunting year-round, scouts year-round, and shoots year-round.​

The dedication Dan puts towards his craft is unmatched. He GOES BIG day-in and day-out. Dan is always up for helping folks in their pursuit of elk. If you haven’t yet, go follow Dan at:

Nate Hills

Nate started his downhill racing career in 2003 after racking up millions of miles on two sticks. ​

Coming into the mountain bike game that early on, Nate has been at the forefront, pushing the enduro style since before it was conceptualized. ​

These days you can catch Nate following behind some of the country’s best riders on world class trails. Catch him at followcamfriday on youtube.

Mike Herne

Michael Herne is an avid outdoorsman, writer, and photographer. Currently serving on active duty in the U.S. Army, with a total of 33 months deployed into Afghanistan. 

He is an avid bowhunter who strives to be the best. When his military obligations aren't at play you will find him in the backcountry hunting, guiding, or fishing. No matter how busy he is, he always finds time to GO BIG.

Trevyn Newpher

Trevyn is a multi-sport enthusiast -he rides Dirt bikes, Timber sleds, Mountain bikes, and wake surfs.

Trevyn currently resides in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where riding the timber sled in the middle of winter is everyone's dream.

Follow Trevyn below to follow along his GO BIG journey!