Is finding healthy snacks at 7-Eleven a lost cause? NO! Imagine this scenario: you’re running late to work (again). You peel into 7-Eleven and grab a coffee and a croissant breakfast sandwich. Not exactly the breakfast of champions, but you’re doing ok, right? Hmmm… did you load that coffee with cream and sugar or sugar substitute? And, did you plan on eating 450 calories, half your daily recommendation of fat, a whole lot of sodium, and a zillion empty carbs in one unsatisfying sitting? No, of course not! 

How about this one: you’re running late to get your kids to practice (again). You peel into 7-Eleven and grab a soda because you need some caffeine. The sugar! Tying to get some protein, you opt for a tuna sandwich. Well, we like your thinking. Unfortunately, you’re getting almost 500 calories, most of which is mayo, and 46g of carbs, most of which is white bread with no nutritional value. 

So what do you do? Start carrying a cooler in your car with healthy food options that’ll last you all day? Sure! Do it. But if you’re like the rest of us, life gets hectic. We run late. We forget to meal and snack prep. We’re exhausted. We get it. So here’s your cheat sheet for the best snacks at 7-Eleven. Yes, they do exist!

7 Healthy Snacks at 7-Eleven

  1. Fruit 

Ok, so you will never confuse 7-Eleven with the local farmer’s market, but they do have the obligatory basket of bananas, apples, and oranges. Snacking on fresh fruit is by far the healthiest option. Need something a little more substantial? Pair your choice with a single serving packet of nut butter for protein and satiety or a piece of string cheese for calcium, protein, and satiety. Either way, you’re doing great in terms of calories and bang for your nutritional bunk.

  1. Single-Serving Hummus or Guacamole Cups

Brands like Sabra make convenient single-serve packages containing your favorite, satisfying dips. They come with pretzel chips, crackers, or other yummy dippers. At 160 calories, they won’t derail your dietary plans. If you need something more substantial, add a few more whole wheat crackers, a piece of fresh fruit, or a piece of string cheese. You can combine a few of the best healthy snacks at 7-Eleven while still staying on track with your health and wellness goals.

  1. Nuts

We’re nuts about this healthy snack! Nuts are packed with protein and healthy fats. We’re not so crazy about all the sodium, so we recommend pairing a snack size serving of peanuts or almonds with some water. You can buy a bottle at any convenience store, but it’s great to get into the habit of just carrying a reusable one wherever you go.

  1. Greek Yogurt

Most 7-Eleven stores will have trendy Greek yogurt in the cooler. If you can, go with plain to get rid of excess sugar while giving your body and mind the benefit of protein, calcium, Vitamin B12, probiotics, and potassium. Add a little crunch with a few crushed up nuts or a bit of sweetness with a drizzle of honey (see if they have one at the coffee/tea station!).

If they don’t have plain Greek or regular Greek, go with a low-fat regular yogurt. If they have more than one option, go with a lower sugar one.

  1. String Cheese

We’ve mentioned string cheese a few times here – and for good reason. It’s one of the best snacks at 7-Eleven. At just about 80 calories, they offer protein and calcium with no trans fats and about one gram of carbs. They’re also perfect with other healthy snack options, like fruit and … not to ruin the surprise… pickles.

  1. Pickles

If you’re craving a salty crunch, sail right past the calorie-bomb potato chips and grab a single serving pouch of pickle chips or a single pickle. Yes, they are very high in sodium, so we’re not recommending you make them a staple. But they are satisfying, low-cal, and pair well with a string cheese.

  1. FATTY Smoked Meat Sticks

That’s what we’re talking about! When it comes to healthy snacks at 7-Eleven, you can’t do any better than FATTY Smoked Meat Sticks. They are loaded with protein from Antibiotic-Free Pork and Grass-Fed Beef and slow smoked to perfection using real American hickory wood. They’re also available in a variety of flavors, from Original and Honey BBQ to Teriyaki and Jalapeno. FATTY Smoked Meat Sticks are free of any junk that gets in the way of quality or flavor, and at 3 substantial ounces, the 3 oz FATTY is a healthy all-natural snack that will satisfy you for the long haul!

FATTY Smoked Meat Sticks are available for purchase online at and at select 7-Eleven convenience stores. Check out our store locator for more details.

Convenience store snacks are just a reality for many of us as we try to stay on target with our goals and fit life into the typical 24-hour day. That doesn’t mean we can’t still be healthy! The best snacks at 7-Eleven will give you the fuel you need until mealtime!