When you find a product that makes your life easier, more convenient, and more flavorful, what do you do? Buy that stuff in bulk! Especially when it happens to be high quality meat snacks. This’ll save you from running to the store every day, succumbing to the lure of junk food because you don’t have healthy options at hand, and you’ll keep more money where it belongs – in your pocket! If you’re buying meat snacks in bulk, read on for some helpful information.

Benefits of Purchasing In Bulk

We mentioned some of the key benefits of buying meat snacks in bulk: it saves you time and money and reduces the odds that you’ll chow down on chips, cookies, and other items that are laden with salt, fat, sugar, and too many unpronounceable ingredients. Others include:

  • Far less frequent trips to the store; we mentioned this but there’s another hidden benefit here. When you stop for a snack, do you really just get one item? No, usually you’ll tack on a drink and an impulse buy or two. When you are already hungry or hangry, this increases the odds that you’ll make an unhealthy choice. Bulk for the win.
  • It’s better for the environment. Bulk items often come with far less packaging than individually wrapped items. Eat good, feel good, do good!
  • You can weather emergencies. If you buy meat snacks in bulk, you have some in the pantry (or car or desk drawer or gym bag) in case crisis strikes. Say, for example, that you lose power at your home. You have safe, shelf-stable, nutritious food on hand that you do not have to cook. 
  • And did we say that it’s cheaper? We did? Well, it bears repeating. Bulk gets you the better buy. If you’re going to use it anyway, you might as well save some cash. 

Top Tips for Buying Meat Snacks In Bulk

When buying meat snacks in bulk:

  1. Look at Cost Per Unit

This is how you’ll see if you’re saving any money when buying in bulk. You want to figure out what you’re paying for each unit. Let’s say you buy a sampler pack of 20 Sweetwood Smokehouse FATTY Smoked Meat Sticks for $80. You divide $80 by 20 for a cost per unit of $4. Saving money tastes great!

  1. Ask Yourself, “Will I Really Eat All This – and Will I Eat It Before It Expires? 

When buying in bulk, you’re going to have a lot of that product. Obviously. That’s the point! But it’s important to ask yourself if you will eat the quantity ordered within its expiration date? Now, when it comes to  FATTY Smoked Meat Sticks, we don’t think this will be a problem. But still… think about it.

  1. Think About Storage

Where are you going to put all of this deliciousness? Luckily, meat snacks are compact and you can store them in a variety of convenient places. Your pantry or cupboards, your car’s glove compartment, your work desk, your purse, your gym bag, etc. You could even give some to friends and family. No? They’re all for you? Ok; we get it.

  1. Consider Whether You’ll Get Bored of the Meat Snacks

We’ve all been there. We bite into the best meat snack we’ve ever tasted, and we want all of them. A while later, we’re kinda looking for some variety. This can lead you down the risky path of stopping at convenience stores for a healthy option – only to leave with a bag of chips and a soda. Come on, we know we’re not the only ones. It feels better to eat better, so buying meat snacks in bulk is a good idea. Buying for variety is also important. 

Sweetwood variety pack give you all the different tastes you need to satisfy both your appetite and your brain’s need for something different! Is it an original Beef Jerky kind of day? Is your evening calling for a Jalapeno FATTY Smoked Meat Stick? Did that last meeting or workout leave you craving some Honey BBQ? We have you covered. Boredom can go taunt someone else.

  1. Find the Best Source

When you’re making an investment in quality nutrition, you want the best source. Look for meat snacks that use the highest quality ingredients, including Grass-Fed Beef, Antibiotic-Free Pork, herbs and spices… and real American hickory for that smokey flavor we all love. What you don’t want is extraneous ingredients, fillers, preservatives, and junk that erodes the quality of the product. You want the best of the best. 

Get it by buying meat snacks in bulk online now from Sweetwood Smokehouse. If only every decision was this easy!