Eating low carb diets is nothing new. We have been learning more and more about how carbohydrates impact our health and energy. With all the information available to us these days through our doctors, other health professionals, and – of course – the world of online nutrition advice, there is plenty of help available to maintain a low carb diet while still enjoying the foods you love to eat. When it comes to low carb packaged snacks, here are our favorites…

7 Go-Tos for Low Carb Packaged Snacks

  1. Cheese

Whenever someone tells me about a diet, my first question is, “well can you still eat cheese?” With a low carb diet such as a keto diet, the answer is a resounding and enthusiastic yes! Cheese is a great source of nutrition and can be a good idea for low carb packaged snacks. There are many different types of cheeses to suit your taste buds and you can find single-serving packages available just about anywhere you go. 

  1. Smoked Meat Sticks

Smoked meats are nutritious for a variety of reasons. The quality of the meat used in smoked meat sticks is going to make all the difference in terms of flavor, taste, and overall quality of the packaged snack. Avoid any smoked meat sticks with artificial flavoring and ingredients. If junk sugars are added, you know you are not getting a quality product. 

Sweetwood Smokehouse’s FATTY Hickory-Smoked Meat Sticks are made in America with all-natural ingredients. They are a perfect packaged snack food for all your many adventures! They also come in a wide variety of flavors so you have plenty of options to rotate through. Of course, you will want to try all of them so be sure to stock up!

  1. Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is commonly referred to as keto-friendly snack food. It is low carb and absolutely delicious. Beef jerky is a great on-the-go snack food and easily fits into a healthy low carb lifestyle. The best keto beef jerky is made from quality ingredients that are all-natural and do not include extra and unnecessary ingredients. A simple and straightforward list of ingredients is always the way to go. 

Sweetwood Smokehouse’s beef jerky is made from 100-percent grass-fed beef. Not only that, but you do not need to worry about antibiotics or other harmful chemicals. The range of flavors you can get for your beef jerky snacks is really quite astonishing too. You can choose your favorites or try them all, but rest assured there will be plenty of great options for everyone in your household. 

  1. Carrot Sticks

Carrots are clean, easy, and super healthy. So often the snacks we pack are those we turn to because it is not possible to access super fresh alternatives. If you are able to stop and pick up a package of baby carrots you will have several servings of a great snack. You can also buy a variety of types of carrots that are grown locally in your area at many grocery stores, small markets, and farmers’ markets. 

Carrots are refreshing and satisfying on their own, but it can be nice to spice it up by buying purple or yellow carrots now and then and slicing them into elegant snack-sized pieces. Of course, this requires a bit of extra work washing, peeling, and cutting, but often if you are buying local, organic carrots you can skip the peeling as the carrots have not been grown in a chemical environment. The outer layer of carrot has a lot of nutrition to offer so there really is no need to peel an organic carrot unless you prefer to eat it that way.

  1. Yogurt

Subscribe to Emails from Sweetwood Smokehouse and SaveYogurt is an attractive, versatile, and healthy snack that fits extremely well into a low carb lifestyle. Yogurt is keto-friendly and can be eaten in a wide variety of ways. The simplest of which is to eat it directly out of the carton! Stocking up on yogurts in single-serving cups is a great go-to low carb packaged snacks. Greek yogurt is especially delicious and all yogurts are healthy and advantageous due to the live cultures in them that promote gut health.

If you are concerned about the environmental impact, you can purchase yogurts that come in 100-percent recycled plastic containers. You can also purchase yogurt in larger containers and create single servings in reusable glass storage containers

  1. Dried Blueberries

Blueberries are high in antioxidants and are amazing fresh little snacks for a low carb diet. You can buy packages of dried blueberries to add to your yogurt or eat on their own. Either way, they make a delicious and healthy snack when you are on-the-go. Dried blueberries make an ideal low carb packaged snack.

  1. Natural Peanut Butter

Individual packages of all-natural peanut butter or sunflower butter are not just adorable, they are the perfect low carb packaged snacks. You can pick them up literally anywhere – seriously, even gas stations carry them now! They can be squeezed directly into your mouth for a quick boost or spread on celery or apples. 

What’s your favorite low carb packaged snack? If it’s meat sticks or beef jerky, hands down, stock up on our exciting flavors, and get ready to fuel your body with high-quality nutrition.

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