While fly fishing tends to steal the limelight in the Mile High State, warm-water fishing can be just as prevalent, fun, and accessible!
To prove our point, we'll break down our Top Three Fishing Spots with public access in Colorado.

Wheat Ridge Green Belt

This spot is hands-down some of the best fishing on The Front Range! Here's the trick. Most anglers are distracted by the (3) larger lakes surrounding the good spot, so walk in past all of those distracted anglers on your way to the honey hole!  
  • Approach the lake by parking on the west side of the The Greenbelt , which is shown as the blue star below and walking to the gold star (roughly 400m).
  • Stick to the North, West, and South shore lines for the best bass fishing!
Location of the best fishing on Colorade Front Range

Boulder's Hayden Lake

There are a lot of hidden gems North of Denver, but Hayden Lake's easy access is what has it landing on this list for us.
  • Enter the lake from the Cottonwood Trailhead and fish your way around the whole parameter.
  • You'll find large mouth bass hanging out on all shore lines at Hayden. We recommend getting there with the sun rise for the most bites!

Spinney Mountain Reservoir

Spinney is home to some of the biggest lake trout in Colorado!

  • Our favorite approach is to hit the Northwest shoreline right at the inlet before pushing off in a tube to get some trout out of the deeper waters.
  • If you don't own a tube, no worries! Prioritize the entire North side on foot.

Don't forget to pack plenty of FATTY's so hunger doesn't force you out of these top spots too early! Just one FATTY has enough protein to keep you fueled for the long haul.