The modern world is a pretty demanding place. Endless streaming content, blurred lines between work and home, increased expectations for high-level performance—maintaining a sharp, healthy mind is essential to keeping up. Luckily, a delicious, premium all-natural FATTY can help. 

Much of our mental readiness boils down to what we put in our body—plain and simple. You can sleep eight hours, meditate on mindfulness and do Sudoku until the cows come home, but if you’re not feeding your brain what it needs to operate, your mental functions are likely going to come up short. Research suggests that certain nutrients can help the brain sustain high-functioning levels, and one of those nutrients is protein, which FATTY hickory-smoked meat snacks pack in abundance.  

So, whether you’re slipping a snack in your child’s backpack for school or your back pocket for work, choosing a FATTY will ensure the brain doesn’t lag as the day grows long.  

Big brains require big snacks to keep them going. Feed them a FATTY. Here are seven reasons why. 

Hunger: High-Protein Meat Snacks Curb Empty Stomachs 

Ever settle into a project at work or school only to be hit by a mid-afternoon stomach growl? The mind wanders. The belly aches. You promise yourself a candy bar if you can just knock out 10 more minutes of work, but that only leads to more trouble. Nip that empty-calorie cycle in the bud by filling up on an all-natural, hickory-smoked meat snack like the FATTY. The whopping 14 grams of protein in a 2-ounce stick will kick hunger to the curb and make sure you’re focused and on-target throughout the day—even in the afternoon. Need something a little stronger? Grab a FATTY 3.0. Its 20 grams of protein will have you covered through quittin’ time. 

Mood: Quality Protein in All-Natural Meat Snacks Improves Mood

If you ever feel like you’re in a funk, think about what you’ve had to eat that day. Protein consumption from foods like beef are known to increase the levels of dopamine in your brain, which is an easy fix to boost your spirits and keep you happily focused on the task at hand. Studies suggest that dopamine, a chemical in the brain that helps you feel good when released, can also aid in your motivation and concentration. So instead of turning your frown upside down, try offering it a delicious, protein-packed snack made from grass-fed beef and antibiotic-free pork.  

Confidence: FATTY Meat Sticks Help Bulk Up Self-Image 

You might not see a complete transformation after just one bite of beefy goodness—Popeye-style—but it’s true that healthy eating promotes an active lifestyle, and an active lifestyle is one of the keys to looking and feeling great. If you’re typically someone who starts the day (or fuels up during the day) with carbs and empty calories, switching over to the clean energy of a beef stick that’s free of nitrates and gluten, and low on sugar and carbs, will give you the energy to make big moves, and big moves are the way to building big confidence in yourself. People with big-time confidence usually have the brainpower to match it. 

Good Vibes: Fueling Up with a FATTY Can Unlock Endorphins 

One of the best ways to make sure the brain is in top-notch shape is to exercise frequently. Exercise unlocks endorphins in the brain, which is produced naturally by the nervous system to help deal with pain and stress. Pain and stress? In this day and age? Make sure you have the energy to undertake a big exercise by fueling up on protein. Some folks like to snack on bits of beef jerky throughout the day, but if we know we have a big run, hike or bike planned later in the day, bite-sized bits of beef jerky just don’t cut it—we like to pack good energy in early with a big FATTY meat snack. 

Motivation: Big Protein Snacks Keep the Brain Working Longer

Mental energy and momentum are hard things to conjure sometimes. But usually, all it takes to knock out that last assignment is a bit of extra willpower leftover in the tank. What gives you that momentum? Clean protein from beef snacks like a hickory-smoked FATTY. If you’re properly fueled up, you’ll be able to work smarter, longer. That’s just one reason why FATTYs are the perfect brain food. They’re also highly portable and super convenient to stash, so you can bring one anywhere you work or study. 

Lasting Energy: Power Up Quickly Without the Sugar Crash 

Scarfing down a candy bar might make you feel invincible at 2 p.m., but around 2:30 p.m. the sugar crash arrives. If you want to keep yourself at a high-functioning level, steer clear of snacks loaded with carbs and sugar and stick to something made from real ingredients. The real ingredients that go into a FATTY—like grass-fed beef and antibiotic-free pork—are low-sugar and low-carb, which means you can knock one back, power through your work, and not worry about sneaking away for an afternoon nap. 

Treat Yourself: Reward Your Brain with Something Tasty 

We can talk about brain chemicals, exercise and concentration all day, but sometimes the best thing you can do for your brain is to give it a little treat—or, in the case of a FATTY, a BIG treat. With five flavors, including Original, Pepperoni, Jalapeno, Honey BBQ and Teriyaki, a FATTY isn’t just a protein-packed snack that keeps you focused on the task at hand, it’s also a tasty way to reward yourself for a job well done.  

Final Thought: Stock Up on all FATTY Flavors by Buying Meat Snacks in Bulk 

Now that you know why FATTYs are good fuel for a healthy brain, never get caught without one. It’s easy to buy meat snacks in bulk. Swing by the Sweetwood online store to scoop up one of the five FATTY flavors—or all. While you’re at it, add some FATTY 3.0s to your cart. They’re perfect for those with bigger tasks, bigger days and bigger appetites.