There is no question that obesity is rampant in society. Data from the Communicable Disease Center reveal that among adults between ages 20-39, there is a 40% prevalence of obesity. And the condition has not spared younger individuals. Among children and teenagers aged 2-19, the precedent of obesity is about 19% or about 14 million individuals. 

The two major causes of obesity are a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. But there is also great desire and motivation among folks to eat a more balanced diet and make important lifestyle changes. It can seem difficult, but with some healthy strategies in your back pocket, you can do it! Best of all: these tips taste great. Let’s explore Beef Jerky for weight loss.

Build a Healthy Foundation 

Integrate the following into your diet to get the nutrients, fuel, and satisfaction you need from your food:

  • Fruits are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and more important contain natural sugars and are low in calories. Most fruits are healthy and a cup full of servings can help boost energy.
  • Yogurt is another excellent snack for children. There are many low-fat varieties of yogurt that contain fruit and nuts. The small containers of yogurt can prevent hunger pangs and have a low calorie count.
  • Nuts of all types are excellent snacks for children. Almonds, walnuts, pecans, pistachios, and cashews, when eaten in moderation, provide energy, relieve hunger pangs, and prevent weight gain.
  • Granola bars are also rich in protein and make excellent snacks. Besides providing long-lasting energy the snacks induce a feeling of satiety so you will not feel hungry. Avoid varieties that are basically just candy bars in disguise; opt for those with low sugar levels and natural ingredients.
  • Lean proteins are your friend. If you eat meat, don’t be afraid to spice up your menu with high quality (preferably Grass Fed) Beef, Chicken, Turkey, and Pork. There is nothing “bad” about these foods; in fact, they pack a powerful protein punch that provides satiety and muscle-building and recovery benefits while improving bone health, blood pressure, helping maintain a healthy weight. This is where Beef Jerky for weight loss comes in!

Beef Jerky for Weight Loss

Sorry, folks, there is no “Beef Jerky Diet”! Eating only one type of food, no matter how nutritious, is not optimal. You really do need to eat that rainbow and incorporate a variety of foods to ensure you are getting the right nutrients – and that they work together to boost your health and wellbeing.

That said, Beef Jerky can play an important role in your overall diet. This is true whether you do Keto, Atkins, Paleo, Noom, or pretty much any other diet, including less formal “eat healthy” approaches.

Sweetwood Smokehouse offers a delectable variety of all-natural Beef products.  Our 1.75 ounce Beef Jerky snacks, for example, are rich in protein and iron with no added MSG or nitrates. In addition, they contain only trace amounts of cholesterol and sugar. They make an excellent snack that instantly terminates hunger pangs and satisfies cravings. Snack on a pack when you’re on the go or pair these tasty treats with veggie slices, cheese sticks, or other nutrient-rich options for a hearty fill-up. Get the nutrition you need (and crave) without all the junk.

There’s no “Beef Jerk Diet” – but it makes a powerful addition to your overall health routine. Make sure to stock your pantry with Sweetwood Smokehouse treats, plenty of vegetables and fruits, and other high quality items.