These days, as more and more people are now holistically thinking about their diets, the benefits of Grass-Fed Beef have gotten a bit of well-deserved attention. So much of our attention goes to what is best for our bodies and our health when we make decisions about what to put into our bodies, and that’s fabulous! 

Thinking About Diets Holistically 

We should be thinking about the way certain foods interact with our bodies and whether or not they are good for us. But, there are actually a few other important considerations to think about when deciding what kinds of food you should eat and what kinds of foods you are better off without. 

When it comes to critiquing our diets, we would all be well served to think about the human impacts of our diets, such as, labor rights and environmental sustainability, and the health and wellbeing of the animals that offer us protein in our daily diets. With a holistic analysis of our diets, we can do better for our bodies, each other, and our planet. That said, we all want to be eating healthier food that is better for our bodies. And a good diet goes a long way in ensuring your health and longevity! 

Top 5 Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef

As more and more of us start to evaluate our diets more closely, a common question that comes up is: is Grass-Fed Beef better? The short answer…yes. 

It’s easy enough to simply say, yes, it is better for you, but we’re guessing you want to know why. So, let’s dive into that a bit more with this list of the top five benefits of Grass-Fed Beef for your health. 

  1. No Antibiotics

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A major benefit of Grass-Fed Beef is that there is no need for the cows to be treated with antibiotics. Grain-fed cows that are raised on feedlots are pumped with antibiotics to counteract the damage done to the animal’s body when they are made to eat grain, which is not a source of nutrition they are made to digest. Grass-fed cows are not forced to eat grain at all, therefore, the pH levels in their bodies stay in balance and they do not get ill like their grain-fed counterparts. 

When animals are fed a grain diet, their normal, healthy pH level drops to a very acidic level. The acidity then begins to create a bacteria that makes the animal sick. Thus, antibiotics are administered to counteract the negative effect of the unnatural grain diet. Grass-Fed Beef is sourced from cows who live on a diet that is natural to them, thus, they stay in better health throughout their lives. The health of the animal absolutely translates into the meat they produce and which you consume. 

  1. No Hormones

It’s not just antibiotics that go into grain-fed beef, hormones are also administered into the cows to speed the growth process. The meat is manufactured in a more expedient way, so in addition to the grain that contributes to fattening the animal, growth hormones are also administered. If we can have meat that isn’t treated with growth hormones, why wouldn’t we?

  1. Cholesterol-Friendlier

When asking if Grass-Fed Beef is better, one of the main considerations is related to cholesterol. With the rising rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease, maintaining a lower-in-bad-cholesterol diet is important for much of the population. For anyone who is concerned about their cholesterol levels, eating Grass-Fed Beef is a major improvement over grain-fed beef. Research has shown that grass-finished beef tends toward a higher proportion of cholesterol neutral stearic fatty acid (C18:0), and less cholesterol-elevating saturated fatty acids such as myristic (C14:0) and palmitic (C16:0) fatty acids.

  1. Provides Healthy Fats

Hands down, Grass-Fed Beef is better when it comes to healthy fats. Remember earlier when we talked about pH levels in grass-fed versus grain-fed cows? Well, that actually translates into more healthy fats. Since grass-fed cows eat a natural diet which in turn keeps the pH levels balanced, the result is actually a healthy fat balance of omega-3s, omega-6s, and omega 3 fatty acids (also known as conjugated linoleic acids or CLAs). 

The amount of omega-3s in Grass-Fed Beef is anywhere from two to four times as much as that in grain-fed beef or beef produced on feedlots. We know that diets high in omega-3s help reduce the risk of heart attacks and high blood pressure. It has also been shown that omega-3s help promote vital brain functioning. It is seriously beneficial to your entire body to eat diets high in omega acids. 

  1. Contains Vitamins A and E

You might be surprised to learn that in addition to all the aforementioned health benefits we’ve discussed here, Grass-Fed Beef contains both vitamin A and vitamin E as well. In fact, it has double the amount of vitamin A and E as grain-fed beef. Who doesn’t want more vitamins in their diet?

Top 5 Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef: Infographic

An infographic showing the top 5 benefits of grass-fed beef

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