There are some questions that mankind is destined to wrestle with. What’s the meaning of life? Why am I here? What’s my purpose? What the heck do I make for dinner when everyone in my household wants I don’t care or Whatever? But what are Beef sticks made of should not be among these weight queries. You should know exactly what you are putting in your mouth and in your body. Whether you conscientiously meal-planned weeks in advance or you’re relying on convenience store nutrition between meetings and appointments, it is important that you fuel your body with the right foods.

Snap Into a… Pile of Preservatives

Not to name names, but a popular convenience store meat stick go-to isn’t exactly a paragon of healthy eating. When you’re hungry and need a boost of protein, gas stations can seem a bit limited. You opt for the lesser of all evils (or so you think): a yummy meat stick. What you’re getting, though, is cuts of low grade Beef, which also go by the oh-so-appetizing designations as “cutter,” “utility,” or “canner” Beef. Yum, right? Who doesn’t love some good utility meat?

If that doesn’t get the old salivary glands going, this Beef snack stick recipe for success might: the low quality cuts are mixed with mechanically separated Chicken. You are getting the very best right here: pureed bones, nerves, skin, blood vessels, and a hint of actual Chicken meat. Then, just to make sure you’re drooling in anticipation, manufacturers add sugar, artificial flavorings, corn and wheat protein, hydrolyzed gluten, nitrates, and a whole lifetime’s worth of salt in a stick.

So… who wants some mechanically separated goodness? Anyone? Anyone?

What Beef Sticks Should Be Made Of

Subscribe to Emails from Sweetwood Smokehouse and SaveBeef. They should be made of Beef. High quality, premium Grass-Fed Beef cuts that are perfectly seasoned with all-natural ingredients and slow smoked to perfection using real American hickory. You can smell it right now, right? You can taste the meaty, hearty, and healthy flavor. What you won’t taste, ever, is junk. You won’t taste liquid smoke, crap sweeteners, or ingredients that defy the conventions of the English language. 

From day one, Sweetwood Smokehouse has been committed to using premium meats. We started life as a ranch that supplied Beef to local restaurants. We evolved, and now our premium meat snacks are available all over the country. You can take the company out of the ranch, but you can’t take the ranch out of the company. We remain 100% committed to timeless quality – and unparalleled taste.

If you’re wondering about our Original Flavor FATTY Pork and Beef snack stick recipe, we’ll let you in on the secret. Here it is:

  • Antibiotic-Free Pork
  • Grass-Fed Beef
  • Sea Salt
  • Cane Sugar
  • Encapsulated Citric Acid (essential in achieving the right pH balance for curing)
  • Cultured Celery Juice Powder (just celery power and sea salt in place of nitrites)
  • Black Pepper
  • Garlic Powder
  • Collagen Casing (100% natural)

Any trouble pronouncing any of our ingredients? No? Perfect. We don’t believe in loading our products with garbage. Sweetwood’s FATTY Smoked Meat Sticks are good, clean food that you can rely on to help you meet your health and wellness goals. And, boy, do they satisfy a hunger pang like no other! 

What are Beef sticks made of? Be sure you know before you bite down.