Whether you are on a keto diet or not, a healthy meat snack can really hit the spot. Meat snacks can make really excellent options for just about any situation, from late days to hard workouts. They also appeal to a really wide range of people (and dogs…we’ll tell you later). Meat snacks make a popular choice if you are packing snacks for others, and you really can’t go wrong when packing them as healthy snacks for work. Without further adieu, here are…

10 of the Best Meaty, Healthy Snacks for Work

  1. FATTY Smoked Meat Sticks Original Flavor

A good healthy meat snack should be all-natural and antibiotic-free. FATTY Smoked Meat Sticks are made in America from the best ingredients. They are conveniently packaged to stay fresh and can be stored at work in your drawer or locker, or you can carry them in your bag for an easy boost at any time of day. Having some go-to snacks that are resealable and non-perishable is a must for work.

  1. FATTY Smoked Meat Sticks in a Variety of Flavors

Healthy snacks for work are only any good if they appeal to you. How many times have you had a granola or protein bar around but opted for a more tempting donut from the break room instead? FATTY Smoked Meat Sticks come in a variety of yummy flavors that really would not make passing up a donut difficult in the least. With options like Honey BBQ, Jalapeno and Teriyaki it really is a no brainer to stick to the healthy choice because you won’t be missing out on a thing flavor-wise.

  1. Turkey Jerky

Turkey jerky is a really good source of lean protein that makes a delicious healthy meat snack for work. The meat used in Sweetwood Smokehouse’s Turkey Jerky comes from 100-percent free-range turkeys. No hormones, no junk ingredients. Just all-natural seasoning to keep you satisfied on the job. If you are stuck in a turkey sandwich rut, consider turkey jerky as a better snack for work. Forget the bread, because the carbs can weigh you down and tire you out. 

  1. Steak Bites

Steak Bites are the perfect in-between meal snacks. They really do leave you feeling fully satisfied and unlike so many other snacks they will not overfill you or give you that heavy feeling. This is a snack that can satiate even the hardest workers out there. 

  1. Sushi

Sushi is a really great light snack and raw fish is beneficial to your health. The fact that it is delicious, has plenty of variety and is really healthy makes it a good snack for work; however, it loses points for being less transportable and perishable. You can’t just grab it and go anywhere your work takes you.

  1. Chicken

Chicken is a lean source of protein that you can really get creative with. In order for it to rank as a healthy meat snack for work, you really do need to prepare it at home or find it premade without any sweet sauces or other artificial flavors.

  1. Fish

If raw fish isn’t for you another type of fish can be a good and healthy work snack. However, this is where it gets a little tricky…There are some basic etiquette guidelines to consider when bringing a meat snack into work. Typically it is not desirable to bring a fish snack like tuna that could smell unappealing to some people. Certain fish snacks also have a tendency to linger and it can be considered a faux pas to bring fish meals or snacks to work if you work indoors and especially in an office with a shared kitchen. If you work outdoors then your work environment is better suited for a fish snack that isn’t dried or odor-free. 

  1. Prosciutto

Subscribe to Emails from Sweetwood Smokehouse and SaveProsciutto is a delicious snack for work. It’s a thinly sliced uncooked ham that is dry-cured. It’s used in many Italian dishes and is perfectly paired with some cheese. Prosciutto can be eaten as an antipasto or used to wrap or stuff some of your favorite meat cuts. 

  1. Bison

Bison meat is very healthy and clean, which is probably why it has gained so much popularity as a smart snack choice lately. Bison has fewer calories and much less fat than meat. It’s not necessarily a go-to for a keto-friendly snack, but it does have a lot of iron, B12, and many other nutrients and vitamins which definitely makes it a great snack for work.

  1. Pork Chops

Pork chops are inexpensive and can be prepared in a variety of ways. They make great leftovers and can serve as simple, healthy snacks for work in a pinch. Pork chops are regular staples for many individuals and families, and you can find a million different recipes for them. Packing up a healthy oven-roasted pork chop from last night’s dinner is a great option for work snacking.

What healthy snacks for work will you pack?

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