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Sweetwood Road Trip

Go BIG this summer with America’s largest roadside attractions (and don’t forget the FATTY travel companion)

It’s official. Summer is here and you know what that means—time by the pool, BBQs and brews and, most importantly, summer vacations! Sure, you could hop on a flight and take the typical trip around the sky, but wouldn’t you miss out on SO many lively attractions along the way?

Look, you might think road trips are old school (or maybe they just give you PTSD of that two-week trip you were forced to take with Aunt Jenny in grade school), but maybe you haven’t been taking the RIGHT road trips. Grand Tetons? Seen it. Grand Canyons? Overrated. We’re here to talk about the biggest, most far-out, BEYOND picture-worthy roadside attractions you’ve ever seen.

Now, before you read this, grab your big FATTY meat stick and get cozy. We’re about to share the five most seriously enthralling road trip attractions that’ll make you want to cancel your weekend plans and hit the road.

#1) World’s largest fork (a big fork for a BIG appetite)

Mosey on down US highway 60 in Springfield, Missouri and you’ll find yourself looking at a 35-foot-tall fork, weighing nearly 11 TONS. Are you forkin’ kidding me? This towering monument has been around for over 20 years and attracts thousands of visitors every year from across the globe. Feeling like your past road trips were enormously lame compared to what they could have been? Us too.

What’s more, the fork also reminds us that a road trip without snacks is like a meat stick that hasn’t been smoked—wrong, just plain wrong. Forget the all-too-thin Slim Jim’s and snag a FATTY—the best (and biggest) meat stick around to curb your travel hunger.

#2) World’s largest bottle of ketchup (but with a flavor so good, you’ll never need it on a FATTY)

Ever been to Collinsville, Illinois? Yeah, neither have we, but we’d pack our bags and drive there in a heartbeat to check out one of America’s favorite condiments in giant-size. Built in 1949 by Caldwell Tanks of Louisville, Kentucky, this ketchup water tower is colossal, reaching 170 feet high. It has a capacity of 100,000 gallons and was actually saved from demolition in the 90s thanks to the Catsup Bottle Preservation Group (thank goodness, am I right?).

While you’re here, swing by any grocery store and pick up the obvious: ketchup, since we know you’ll be craving it. But wait, will the condiment alone be enough? Probably not, which is why we recommend snagging a FATTY smoked meat stick while you’re there. But don’t even think about covering up the glorious, premium meat, all-natural FATTY with ketchup, or any condiment for that matter. These things are so tasty, you’ll never need a sauce to dip them in.

#3) World’s largest patio chair (perfect pitstop for munchin’ on a meat stick)

You’ve probably heard that everything is bigger in the United States. Ask around the world and you’ll hear this rings especially true in Texas. We’ve probably heard the phrase “everything’s bigger in Texas” about 100,000 times in our lifetime, and while we really thought it was just referring to the hair, the joke’s on us. Seriously. This state contains 11 of “The World’s Largest” records right in their own backyard!

That’s why it’s no surprise that Texas has the world’s biggest patio chair, located outside of Sunnyland Outdoor Living in Dallas. Taking a road trip can be exhausting, so whether it’s just you or your family of five, take a seat and relax in this near seven-foot-tall aluminum patio chair. While you’re taking a breather, you might want to consider munching on a hearty, high-protein FATTY meat stick too. Check out the extra big FATTY 3.0 for some serious hunger satisfaction.

#4) World’s largest ball of twine (an obvious selfie-must, with a FATTY in hand)

Stop by the whopping 500-person town of Cawker City, Kansas and find yourself facing the world’s biggest ball of twine—yes, yarn spun up into a massive ball that attracts visitors from all over. Even better, the twine ball actually gets bigger and bigger every single year due to its annual “twine-a-thon” where anyone who wants to put their yarn skills to the test can add more thread. At its last count, the yarn was roughly 40 feet in circumference and equivalent to over 7.8 million feet long in twine length!

Taking a picture with the giant twine is an obvious must-do (you might need to really zoom out to fit this thing in the frame) but since you might already have stopped by Glen Elder State Park just 30 minutes away, be sure to satisfy your excursion-exhausted appetite with the smoked FATTY meat stick tucked away in the glovebox.

#5) World’s largest truck stop (just think of all the FATTY options)

To hear that the biggest truck stop in the world is located right here in the United States was almost too good to be true. Coined by some as a “trucker’s Disneyland,” this Iowa pitstop has eight different restaurants to choose from, a barbershop, chiropractor, dentist, movie theater AND workout room. Serving 5,000 customers daily, it’s no surprise this place has been open for 57 years straight and is truly a “home away from home” for those in the trucking industry and beyond.

What gets us going the most is that the FATTY meat stick actually just rolled out in TravelCenters of America, another full-service truck stop and travel center company in the U.S. So, whether you’re in Iowa or exploring the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, be sure to swing by a truck stop and check out our smoked meat stick options. We promise—you just don’t get a better travel snack than the FATTY in all the flavors your heart desires. Check out our store locator and plan all your pitstops, or should we say snack stops?

Well, that’s a wrap folks. Now that you’ve joined us on this journey, it’s time to decide which, if not ALL, gargantuan roadside attractions you’re ready to take on this summer. Like us (and our FATTY’s) always like to say, “Go BIG or go home.” But before you hit the road be sure to stock up on all your favorite FATTYs.

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