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Keto Krate Reviews Are In!

Life is hard. Work is hard. Trying to be in four places at once is hard. Figuring out how you’re going to take this one to soccer, that one to ballet, and yourself to the gym is hard. Cooking dinner when everyone says “I don’t care” when you ask for suggestions is hard. Finding matching socks is hard. What’s not hard is having delicious, nutritious, satisfying snacks on hand when you’re in danger of getting hangry. 

Folks, the Keto Krate reviews are in, and the verdict is: YES!

What Is Keto Krate? 

Keto Krate is a box full of birthday, Christmas, and everything good. It comes to you every month, and it’s packed with keto-friendly snacks so you always have a yummy go-to. Pick anything you like: every single product has five or fewer carbs per serving. Don’t do maltitol or gluten? You’re good there too: every snack is free of these ingredients. 

A Keto Krate runs about $40 a month. Pricey? Well, think of it this way: how often do you stop at a convenience store for snacks when you’re running late, going to work, or on the way to another meeting or practice? You pick up a bag of chips, a string cheese, and some roasted nuts. You’re spending about $5 – and the nutritional value is questionable, to say the least. If you do this twice a week, you’re spending $40 a month, and not getting much value in terms of health benefits. 

How about putting those four Hamiltons to better use? The Keto Krate comes with free shipping, 10 or more keto-friendly snacks, $20 in coupons and discounts, and access to a members-only store. You’re in the club now, baby.

Yes, There Are Healthy Meat Snacks

A box comes monthly. You open it up, and it has healthy meat snacks (and other noms like keto bars, keto cookies, nuts, coconut bites, pork rinds… We told you it was like Christmas.) Sweetwood Smokehouse’s Original Flavor FATTY Smoked Meat Stick was a featured guest in the Keto Krate for April 2020, and August 2020 brought the Jalapeno or Original FATTY Smoked Meat Stick to happy recipients.

Some Keto Krate Reviews

Sweetwood Smokehouse is an American-made brand that uses pork raised without antibiotics and grass-fed beef. I found this meat stick to be smoky, salty, chewy, and delicious! I also found it quite impressive that in that small stick 7 grams of protein were packed into it!… While I am the only one following the keto diet, my husband and kids couldn’t resist this tasty treat!

Hands off my FATTY Smoked Meat Sticks!

I liked the smoky flavor with a good amount of pepper and garlic. I also appreciate the use of grass-fed beef and minimal processing

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I am such a fan of the Keto Krate box! Sticking to the keto diet can be hard, but receiving this box each month definitely helps me discover new products and keeps the lifestyle exciting and easier to stick to! 

People love Keto Krate because it packs their favorite go-to snacks and also introduces them to new treats. It’s also foolproof: pick a snack, any snack, and it will be perfect for your eating plan and goals. 

Life is hard. Eating well doesn’t have to be!

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